1.) Connect with other people. Find people that you can confide in.


2.) Get involved. Develop some hobbies and interests separate from your work. Blogging your experiences could help you and someone else.


3.) Exercise. Numerous studies have demonstrated that exercise can combat depression and other forms of mental illness.


4.) Evaluate your life. Making an effort to evaluate your life along the way can help prevent problems from becoming crises.


5.) Consider getting help. Look at therapy as a source of potential tools with which to deal with life. Shop around for someone that you click with.



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Thank You for Visiting The Mental Health Initiative, Inc.!

The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. is a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting mental heatlh awareness, advocacy, and reducing stigmas that are associated with mental illnesses and symptoms through education, outreach, and research.  

The Mental Health Initiative, Inc.’s mission is to restore hope among those who may be suffering from a mental illness or symptoms by encouraging them to “Learn, Accept, and Recover.” As a faith-based organization we believe that it is our duty to use available resources, information, research, and education to benefit the welfare of others. Even more, with the right amount of enthusiasm, compassion, and support, we believe that a significant difference can be achieved in the lives of others.  

Our vision is to provide an array of services, assistance, resources, and other useful information regarding mental wellness to those in the Middle TN community with the intention of increasing treatment acceptance and reducing treatment resistance. The Mental Health Initiative, Inc.'s primary initiative is to assist individuals with mental health illnesses and/or experiencing symptoms.

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