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Tennessee Gives 1st Time Felons a Second Chance: Erases Criminal Record


Beginning July 1, 2012 certain one-time offenders will be able to have their charge expunged from their record.


For the first time in Tennessee, some one-time, nonviolent offenders will have the right to expunge their felony conviction, forever erasing that criminal record. A bill signed into law last month, and effective July 1, allows some offenders to expunge a select set of felonies and misdemeanors for a fee, after meeting all court requirements. The law applies only to offenders with a single conviction.


In general, a person can have been convicted of only one, nonviolent Class E felony charge or a single misdemeanor charge. Certain crimes such as domestic assault and driving under the influence are not eligible to be expunged.

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What is a Felon?


A felon is an individual that has been convicted of a felony, where, in the State of Tennessee is a criminal offense for which a penalty of a year or more imprisonment can be imposed. The State has six different classes of felony offenses.

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The Tennessee Rehabilitative Initiative in Correction (TRICOR)


Brief Description: The Tennessee Rehabilitative Initiative in Correction (TRICOR) is responsible for oversight of prison industries in Tennessee. Manufactured products include office furniture, institutional furniture and bedding, custom wood and metal fabrication, textiles, institutional clothing, license plates, signage, paint, office panel and furniture refurbishing and agricultural products. Services include data processing, printing, janitorial, TennCare Information Line and office relocation. TRICOR offers a life skills program where participants receive training to improve interviewing skills and acquire certificates for completion of training or job achievement.


Tennessee Career Center


Brief Description: Tennessee Career Centers are one-stop career centers operated by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. There are 14 comprehensive career centers located across Tennessee. These centers provide comprehensive employment and training services for job seekers and employers on a regional basis. Each center offers access to a resource room which allows both print and electronic access to relevant information. Computers, telephones and fax machines are provided. Free workshops in areas such as computer training, resume writing, and financial management are also available. Affiliate sites offer basic employment and training services. Access to other services is offered electronically on a limited basis. Local offices can provide one or more services and are able to make electronic referrals. A complete listing of career centers is available on the web site listed below.


Project Return, Inc.


Brief Description: Project Return provides a number of programs that assist individuals with criminal histories. The Jobs & Futures Program is available to any adult who has been incarcerated or is currently incarcerated and is planning for release by providing: life skills and job readiness training; employment placement services; direct aid (bus passes, emergency food boxes); and information and referral to support services, as well as on-going follow-up and job counseling. Pre-Release Activities/Job Readiness Program is an intensive four-week program that prepares inmates for a productive job search. The curriculum includes instruction in the application process, want ads, networking, interviewing skills attitude and job retention. Survival Skills aims to empower clients to effectively manage their family and employment responsibilities. During the 10 three-hour workshops, participants have the opportunity to learn and practice essential skills including money management, problem solving, family development, goal setting and conflict resolution.

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